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Sometimes when I&#8217;m home and get high, I chill and zen stack rocks.
Reminds me of a shroom trip I had&#8230;
Trippy as hell yo&#8230;
Special K
This is what I&#8217;m smoking tonight&#8230;
Coffee &amp; MDMA
Got amphetamine and a new camera, hooray!
Me and 2 friends took those yesterday. I have to say that I had one of the best rolls ever. It was VERY social, I shared a shitload of stuff with one of my friends, he did as well and I hugged all of my friends who took it and friends who I just know and saw on the street. I just fell deeper in love with Molly! ♥♥♥
Doing my name with lines of Speed&#8230;  ♥
Robo ♥

Robo ♥